Bazon 14 inch Gas Pizza Oven P200

If you do happen to have a ton of room in your backyard or patio and/or are searching for a more “traditional” type pizza oven, take a look at the impressive Softer 14 inch Gas Pizza Oven P200.

● Cooking Diameter: 30 cm

● Power: 13000 BTU

● Gas Pressure: 28-30 mbar

● Weight: 10.4 kg

● Type of Ignition: Piezo

● Product Dimensions: 62*40*30 cm

We’d even go out on a limb and say it’s probably the best alternative to brick and mortar! The Napolitano stainless steel oven features old-school feel with a modern look that will turn heads everywhere.

Features (8)

The dome is ultra-durable due to the double-wall heavy gauge steel and 2 layers of refractory ceramic fiber insulation blanket. This makes for an oven which heats up relatively quickly, keeping the heat in for hours upon hours.

With a cooking area of a huge 1007 square inches, you can feed the whole neighborhood with ease! It holds 3 large pies or 6 small pies, depending on what kind of variation you’re going for or if people will be sharing.

What we really loved about the Softer, was the sense of fun and community it brings.

Rather than just going off of gas or electricity, you get that satisfaction of doing it yourself or having others help create delicious pizzas together.

As an added advantage, this pizza oven comes complete with accessories enabling it to be used to cook burgers, steaks, lamb chops, fish, and more. It is the most versatile pizza oven in this review.

What will surprise you is that it is definitely low there in price, so it will be okay with you, we can say it’s more than worth it! If you want a tradition taste, the Softer Pizza Oven P200 is the best gas pizza oven on our list.

Pizza box can bring a lot of fun to baking

1. Making homemade pizza: The most obvious purpose of the pizza oven is to provide a very convenient oven for making pizza. Using the pizza box to make homemade pizza can be a very interesting activity. You can try to use different ingredients and condiments to make your own unique taste.
2. Bake bread: The high temperature environment in the pizza oven is the ideal condition for baking bread, especially in the absence of traditional ovens. Using a pizza box to make bread can help you master new baking skills and enjoy freshly baked bread.
3. Making baked food: In addition to pizza and bread, the pizza box can also be used to bake other foods, such as cookies, cakes and roast meat. Using pizza boxes to make these foods can bring you more baking fun and more delicious choices.
4. Share delicious food with family and friends: It is a very interesting activity to make delicious food with pizza box. You can invite family and friends to taste your baked goods. This will not only allow you to enjoy delicious food, but also enjoy a good time with friends and relatives.
In general, pizza oven can bring many fun and creative opportunities for baking. It is a powerful oven that allows you to try various recipes and baking techniques

Post time: Oct-09-2022