Bazon 12 16 inch Gas Powered Pizza Oven

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Outdoor Gas and Charcoal Powered 12 Inch Pizza Oven Bazon P200

Even bad pizza is good, or so the saying goes, but why put up with subpar pizza when you can make incredible pies in your own yard? Outdoor pizza ovens probably cost less than you think, and even fairly basic models can produce pizza to rival that found in your local pizzeria for a fraction of the cost. An outdoor pizza oven gives you another al fresco cooking option for when you don’t feel like grilling, and it’s always a huge hit at garden parties or family gatherings.

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We've talked about our another outdoor pizza oven: Bazon Gas Pizza Oven P200, and here is going to recommend you a similar model: P200A.

P200A looks almost identical to the P200 except two points:

1. Can only bake 16 inch pizzas. For those who enjoy a great delicious pizza, P200A is obviously a better choice.

2. Can only powered by gas. That is why P200A is not quipped with a carbon room on the tail. So P200A looks more nimble and smart than P200. But for those who want to taste chargrilled pizza or other dishes, it may be a fatal flaw. Also, it would be awkward when uses just run out of gas. So we have to admit that P200 and P200A both have their strengths and weaknesses.


Bazon Pizza Oven P200A

● Gas-powered, works with a regular propane tank.
● Portable oven that can be taken anywhere.
● Pizza is cooked in 60 seconds.
● Reaches internal cooking temperatures of 950-degrees, heats up in 15 minutes.
● Unique technology renders authentic-tasting wood-fired taste.
● Versatile oven that also makes fish, steaks, vegetables and desserts.
● Affordable outdoor pizza oven option.
● Oven gets so hot that it's technically a self-cleaning appliance.

● Lacks accessory for natural gas conversion.
● Can only make 16" pizzas.
● You will need to rotate the pizza to cook it properly.
● Can not powered by charcoal.


We recommend P200 and P200A based on an intensive research process that's designed to cut through the noise and find the top products in this space. Guided by experts, we spend hours looking into the factors that matter, to bring you these selections.

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