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PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from light and durable anodized aluminum, it protects each pizza skin surface from oxidation. Not only resistant to high temperatures but also wear resistant.

BANLANCE DESIGN: Easily slides under pizza, stromboli pizza, bread, and sandwiches.This grilling pizza peel is 26″ long total. The blade itself is 12×15 inches, width does well for personal side and commercial.

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Pizza peel perforated allow you to use less cornmeal orflour when transferring the pizza from the kitchen counter to the pizza oven, be released from the bottom of the peel,making the bottom of the pizza more crispy.

For further ease of use, each professional pizza peel has a insulated silicone jacket that keeps the user's hands further away from hot oven surfaces. This classic all aluminum peel has been designed to act as an extension of the users arm and is durable enough to use.

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Our aluminum perforated pizza crust is a high-quality, lightweight pizza spatula that slides, turns, and retrieves pizza easily from the oven. This will greatly improve your efficiency in the baking process. Use the tapered peel edges to slide directly under the pizza base, while perforations mean perfectly cooked pizzas every time, as steam evaporates quickly and excess flour falls off the pizza base. There will be no excess flour sticking to the crust.

The material of this pizza spatula is aluminum, the appearance is fashionable silver-gray, the most noteworthy is its single net weight of 0.52KG, so that we do not feel heavy when picking it up, and it will feel convenient when taking it out with the pizza oven, because it can be removed up and down, and the volume will be relatively reduced.This is a very useful shovel.

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