Bazon 14 inch Gas wood Pizza Oven

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If you’re planning to make delicious pizzas in the courtyard or at a party, check out the Bazon 14-inch wood-fired pizza oven P14GW.

It will surely please you. Although small, this pizza oven is no less impressive than traditional large pizza ovens, and after baking at high wood-fired temperatures, the pizza dough will give off a more attractive aroma and will be appetizing.

Cooking Diameter: 30 cm
Power: 13000 BTU
Weight: 10.4 kg
Type of Ignition: Piezo
Product Dimensions: 62*40*30 cm

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Product Introduction

Its unique and very retro design is enough to attract people's eyes and make people intriguing. Small in size but unexpectedly powerful, not inferior to traditional pizza ovens, you and your family and friends can taste the delicious pizza you remember in no time!

Choose this wood-fired professional oven and we will provide you with a personal logo logo, the oven will show the pattern you want, doesn't that sound very attractive? I think it should be.

This oven has a sophisticated design, small and convenient. When baking pizza, you can also check the thermometer in the oven, and when it reaches a certain temperature, put the crust in the oven to start baking, and it won't be long before the pizza is presented.

Device Overview And Individual Parts

1. Main body: 1PC

2. Chimney: 1PC

3. Chimney cover: 1PC

4. Fuel hatch: 1PC

5. Draft defender plate: 1PC

6. Cordierite stone baking board: 1PC

7. Door frame components: 1PC

8. Combustion box assembly: 1PC

9. Fuel hatch handle: 1PC

14-inch wood-fired pizza oven1

Before assembly, make sure all parts are present. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to assemble the appliance. Contact customer service for replacement parts.

Danger of burns! Keep children away from the stove and beware of fi re coming out of the stove. Always use fi reproof oven gloves! Use the handle when you fill pellets to the pellet box.

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