Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Can Be Customized

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Pizza cutters aren’t quite the one-trick ponies they sound like. Not only are they the perfect tool for the job when you’ve got a fresh, homemade pizza to cut, but they also come in handy for slicing pastry dough, tortillas, biscuit dough, quesadillas, pasta dough, and thin breads, like focaccia. Depending on the type of cutter, you might find other uses, as well, like neatly cutting brownies, fudge, or sheet cakes.

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The excellent design makes the pizza cutter easier and faster to use. The length of this pizza cutter is 28cm. The triangular design is more in line with the shape of the pizza, which shows its convenience and speed whenever it is used for cutting pizza. The clever thing is that this pizza cutter is also equipped with a roller design, which can easily cut a freshly baked high-temperature pizza, which is simple and easy to use. The compact shape design makes the product more convenient to carry and travel. This professional pizza knife can be used to cut all styles of pizza, and the stainless steel blade is designed to be durable. Made from a single piece of metal with no hinges, joints, or moving parts, there’s very little that could damage this cutter. At 11 inches long, it will slice easily through medium-sized pizzas with one motion or slice through giant pies with just one move to a new position. Our tester cut through both thick and thin pizza with just two quick cuts. The handle is sturdy and comfortable to grip and will fit in most kitchen drawers. Not only for pizza, but also for cutting cakes and all kinds of scones, this pizza knife is both small and versatile. You can buy this pizza cutter with confidence.

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